The Youth Initiative High School Blog is dedicated to showcasing student work, class content, and the inner-workings of our community. In our inaugural post, we feature three glimpses into the YIHS experience: the ninth grade Fundamentals of Design, Handwork, and Parade Art classes. From the first afternoon of school ninth grade students are immersed in this required Fundamentals of Design course, which grounds them in principles and history.

As a staple of the Waldorf experience, Handwork classes are offered each trimester, with focuses in sewing, knitting and crocheting, embroidering, and quilting. A new class this year, Parade Art tied YIHS to Viroqua community events such as the Harvest Parade and Twinkle-Fest, creating large puppets and parading them for both events. All three classes sought to engage students’ head, heart, and hands and challenge students to work at the highest level through the arts. Please read below for course content, as written by the instructors, and to view a showcase of excellent student work from the featured classes.

Dance Through Art History

In the 9th Grade Art & Design class we have studied the elements and principles of design as well as taking a brief dance through art history from the Paleolithic to the modern era.  With each element and principle we have done an art exercise in class. The students...

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Parade Art

Parade Art is an exploration of the magic made possible by the collaborative visioning and construction of puppets, large figures, illuminated sculpture, and other elements of spectacle performance. Throughout the course, students developed skills in puppet design and...

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Patience, Practice and Commitment

In Handwork, students engage in hands-on projects that require patience, practice and commitment to complete. For the first trimester students practiced techniques in embroidery and knitting, completing a minimum of 2 projects.  Students learn how to move through the...

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