Many Hands Make Light Work

The Youth Initiative High School has a funding structure unlike any other independently funded school in America.  We help build community because the community helps build us.

Our income is generated by the goodwill, hard work, and seemingly endless generosity of those who believe in us.  Through programs like our Community Partnerships and donations of wealth and talent (teachers donate thousands of dollars worth of teaching every year), we are able to make our unique education available to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

A Community of Initiative
Each year our students raise over $14,000 through their own ingenuity and hard work.  In support of their efforts, businesses and individuals in our community pledge to match a certain percentage of every dollar the students raise.  The Community Partnership Program gave a 400% boost to the students efforts last year! Community Partners are listed on our website, Facebook page, our weekly e-newsletter, and in our bi-annual newsletter, the Kaleidoscope.

Contact The YIHS Development Office to become a Community Partner and help show our students that the community supports their initiative.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution and help make our education available to all who desire it.