Student Service to the Community

Student service is an integral part of the Youth Initiative experience. It is at the core of our Vision and Purpose statement — “to be involved and of service to our greater community” — and we find that these experiences are meaningful and fulfilling for students.

act of service, of generating community, is both at the heart of healthy societies and of personal development.

  • Students are required to log 18 hours of service (or more) each trimester, for a total of 54 hours each year
  • In addition to these extracurricular hours, each year students engage in designated weeks of service with their grade level class.
    • 9th grade: staying local and serving our home of Vernon County (in 2018, flood response).
    • 10th grade: staying at and serving Community Homestead, slightly further away but still within a home
    • 11th grade: staying at and serving Su Casa Catholic Worker house on the southside of Chicago.
    • 12th grade: asking “what is my service to the world?” through individualized service projects and internships.

Interested in our Help?
If you are a person or organization with service opportunities, please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.