Our Students at College

The following is a list of some of the colleges that have accepted YIHS graduates.  Institutions where alumni have enrolled are in this color.

Highly Selective Schools
Yale University
Deep Springs College
University of Chicago
University of California, LA

Unique and Alternative
Naropa University
Cornell College
Earlham College
Shimer College
American College of Eurythmy
Prescott College
Antioch College
Audubon Expedition Institute
College of the Atlantic

Art and Design Schools
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
American Academy of Art
Technical and Trade
Milwaukee School of  Engineering
Madison Area Technical College
Western Technical College
Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago

Large Public Universities
University of Wisconsin – Madison
University of Minnesota – Minneapolis
University of Iowa
Florida State University

Small Public Schools

University of Minnesota – Morris
University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
Winona State University

Small Private Schools
Viterbo University
Hamline University
Lake Forest College
Lawrence University
St. John’s University/College of St. Benedict
Kalamazoo College
St. Olaf College

Schools Abroad
American University in Cairo
American University in Bulgaria
European College of Liberal Arts, Germany
St. Louis University, Madrid
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; Cali, Colombia
Trinity College, University of Dublin
St. Andrew’s University, Scotland

College Acceptance

Our Unique and Successful Approach to College Admissions

Youth Initiative High School does not use a system of grade point averages or class ranks.  All classes are evaluated on a pass or fail basis and include an extensive, in-depth narrative evaluation of the class and the student’s performance.  Throughout the high school career of every student these narrative evaluations are compiled and become, upon graduation, the student’s transcript.Instead of a piece of paper with a GPA and class rank, colleges receive a three-ring binder full of every narrative evaluation the student has ever received, reading like a memoir of the student’s growth and achievements.  In a college admissions climate where students want to separate themselves from the crowd, YIHS students are immediately recognized as individuals. This way of doing things not only respects the individuality of every student but it has proven to be successful.  Youth Initiative students are accepted to a broad range of colleges.​