More Like a Circle than A Pyramid: 
           The Governance Structure of Youth Initiative High School

The Youth Initiative High School corporation consists of three distinct yet interwoven sub-communities: the faculty, the parents, and, of course, the students. The structure of YIHS is not hierarchical but cooperative and each of these bodies shares equally in the rights and responsibilities of the corporation. YIHS strives to have representatives from each of these groups on all of its committees and to work in cooperation and consensus in everything we do.

Board of Trustees
Administrative Group
Finance Committee
Vision & Purpose Committee
Personnel Committee
Development Committee
Boarding  Committee

Administrative Group

The Administrative Group oversees the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the school.  Students play a very active role on this committee which schedules events, oversees student cleaning, and sets the behavioral standards for the school.

Questions and concerns regarding Administrative issues should be directed to Matthew Voz, School Administrator.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee recruits, hires, and evaluates faculty and staff.  Students and parents play an active role in hiring and firing decisions and help to comb through the student feedback from classes.

Questions and concerns regarding Personnel issues should be directed to Matt Voz, Chair of the Personnel Committee

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee is tasked with the maintenance and cleanliness of the school building and works with the Board of Trustees to explore potential facilities locations.

Questions and concerns regarding Facilities issues should be directed to Missy Hughes, Chair of the Facilities Committee

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee oversees and pursues sports opportunities for YIHS students, including our own athletic teams, cooperatives with area public schools, and interactions with local club teams.

Questions and concerns regarding Sports issues shoulc be directed to Paul Grenier, Chair of the Sports Committee

Development Committee

The Development Committee works with the Development Director to oversee student and parent fundraising efforts, solicits donations, manages the Matching Gift Circle, and works to create and promote a positive image of the school in the community and beyond through public events, partnerships, advertising, and other public relations.

Questions and concerns regarding Development issues should be directed to Shawn Lavoie, Development Director

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee gives parents and students a voice in the process of creating the content of their education.  Along with the faculty, the Curriculum Committee sets the academic schedule for the year as well as planning school events such as theme days, public performances, and the annual camping trip.

Questions and concerns regarding Curriculum issues should be directed to Jacob Hundt, Program Administrator

Boarding Committee

The Boarding Committee is composed of students, parents, and teachers and works with the Boarding Coordinator to help recruit new boarding parents, support boarding students and their families, and help to promote cultural diversity within the school through events and activities.

Questions and concerns regarding Boarding and Hosting issues should be directed to Bean Voz, Boarding Coordinator