How Do I Apply?

Like everything at Youth Initiative, our Admissions process is personalized, unique and student-centered. It’s a process of getting to know each other — here’s the basics:

1. Get in Touch
Our contact information is below. We’d love to hear from you!

2. Visit
We strongly encourage all students interested in attending Youth Initiative to visit for a day–better yet, two days. We want you to see what we’re all about, and experience a wide range of classes. Plus, meeting in person helps us get to know you, and understand what you’re looking for and whether you would find Youth Initiative to be a good fit. When time allows, we arrange a Q&A with the student, parents, and selected faculty members. To make arrangements for a visit, see our contact information below.

3. Apply
Complete an application form. We will review your application and call you to talk about a possible interview.

Boarding Student Application 1 of 2 (to be completed by parent)

Boarding Student Application 1 of 2 (to be completed by student)

Day Student Application 1 of 2 (to be completed by parent)

Day Student Application 2 of 2 (to be completed by student)

4. Student Interview

Individual applicants will come back and speak with faculty members and students about their application and expectations. Applicants should bring a piece of work with which they are especially pleased, and be prepared to talk about it. If you are submitting a piece of writing, please send it in with your application so that we can read it prior to your interview.If you live far away, we can arrange your interview by phone, Skype, Google Hangout, or other options.

5. Parent Pledge and Interview
Once a student is admitted, parents meet with a member of the Finance committee to discuss the school’s budget and their financial expectations.

How to Contact YIHS

By Email
To ask questions about forms, contact Matt.

To set up a visit, contact Erika.

By Mail (or in-person delivery)
Youth Initiative High School
500 E. Jefferson St.
Viroqua, WI 54665

(608) 637-6445