Fundraising at YIHS

YIHS works hard to be efficient with its resources. The vast majority of our budget goes to pay our dedicated and creative teachers for the work that they do, and in addition to tuition these components keep our school running:

Student fundraising is a cornerstone of the philosophy of Youth Initiative High School. Asking students to support their own education through cooperative effort with their peers is a form of education not available in a traditional classroom. From hosting community talent shows to larger entrepreneurial efforts (such as the Food For Thought Taco Truck) students raise 3-5% of the overall budget and consistently exceed their fundraising expectations.

The Parent Committee is also responsible as a group for a portion of the fundraising budget. Parents have hosted such fundraisers as a community storytelling event based on The Moth storytelling hour, a formal three-course meal and silent auction, and a community lip sync battle.

The mission of the Youth Initiative High School’s development office is to aid those groups in working to fund the school and to undertake efforts of its own to ensure that this institution remains on stable financial foundations and is able to grow into the future. The Development office administers the Community Partnership Program which leverages student fundraising efforts with contributions from the wider community. Together we look to widen the networks of giving and gratitude available to our school.